“Apreciem ingeniozitatea echipei Cheerup, deoarece au reușit să creeze un produs exact pe așteptările publicului. Pentru evenimentul nostru a fost rețeta perfectă: noutate, momente de relaxare și amuzament într-un album cu imagini care să rămână în amintirea celor prezenți. Vă mulțumim, Cheerup!”
Adela Chende - Organizator, Startup Weekend Cluj
“I had a great time taking pictures and talking to the Cheerup team (Really great guys!!!). It was so easy to dress up and pose like really cool characters. Did I mention that it took just a few minutes to also get the printed photo of what I’ve created, right on the spot? That’s right, they help you create amazing memories.”
Anca Suciu - Organizator, Startup Weekend Cluj
“I played with Cheerup at Startup Weekend Cluj. I think it’s an awesome product because it’s fun, engaging and brings people toghether. I particularly liked the fact that we could all get involved and make something personal from our photo. Cheerup allows you to keep memories and stories instead of just pictures as a reminder of great experiences. I would recommend this for any event that needs to bring people toghether.
It’s perfect for icebreaking when people don’t know eachother.
It’s perfect for getting close when people know eachother”
Antonia Onaca - Câştigător SWCluj

Locaţie: Exclusiv Catering Events

Oraş: Cluj Napoca

Nr. de Invitaţi: 200

Durata: 8 ore

Album Facebook: Link




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